Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

My account

Where can I find my orders?

You can access your user account by clicking on “My account” next to the shopping cart in the header of the website, where you can also check your previous orders. You can find them in your account in the section “Orders”.

What does the status of my order mean?

On hold:
We are awaiting the payment.

The order was verified and the payment has been received. Items ordered will now be prepared for shipping. Exception: In case custom items have been purchased, these products will be forwarded to the manufacturing process. The delivery will be postponed by the specified production time.

All items were packed and shipped. The package should arrive soon.
If you have selected premium shipping as your shipping method, you will receive an additional email with your tracking number. You can access this at any time in your account. To do so, go to “Orders” and click the button “View” for the relevant order. You will be forwarded to the summary of your order. There you can find your tracking number and other information under the title “Order updates”.

Where can I add or change my billing and shipping address?

If you want to add your address before ordering so that you can checkout faster at a later time, you can do this in your account. You can go there via the link “My account” next to the shopping cart in the header area of this website. In your account, click on “Addresses”, where you can manage your billing and delivery address.

Can I save a payment method?

Yes, that is possible. For this purpose, click on “My account” in the header of the website next to the shopping cart and then on the section “Payment methods”. Now you can add and manage your credit card information via the displayed button “Add payment method” to be able to complete your orders faster in the future.

Where can I change my password?

Click on “My account” in the header of the website next to the shopping cart. In your user account you will find the section “Account details”. There you can change your password and more. Do not forget to confirm your new password by clicking on the “Save changes” button.

Production, shipping and returns

How soon will my order be shipped?

The items will usually be shipped 1-2 business days after we recieved your payment. Exceptions are orders with custom products, because these need an additional production time. We try to get these items ready for dispatch as soon as possible, but to be on the safe side we specify the production time with 5-10 business days (Mon – Fri).

If not explicitly mentioned differently, all products will be combined to one total order. This means that shipping will be postponed if an order contains a custom product.

What is the difference between standard and premium shipping?

Standard shipping is the cheapest shipment method to make your shopping experience more attractive. Sometimes we are annoyed when we are supposed to spend half a fortune on shipping costs, although only a tiny product has been ordered. However, the standard shipping does not include any additional services, such as a tracking number or insurance!

The premium shipping offers exactly these things: The option of tracking the shipment and the insurance of the items. So if you want to be on the safe side, you should invest a little more money and select this shipping method.

Important note: The shipping of the products is at your own risk, if you select the uninsured standard shipping. Experience shows that 99% of the packages sent arrive, but if you belong to the remaining 1%, it can be very annoying.

How much is shipping?

This varies. All information about shipping costs can be found on the page “Shipping and Returns”.

How can I return an item?

If you have chosen the wrong product or if you have received a wrong delivery by mistake, you can simply cancel the purchase within 14 days after receiving the items. How this can be done is described in the cancellation policy. You can find it here or via the link “Cancellation policy” in the footer of the website.

When will I get my money back?

On the one hand, the amount of your items can be refunded in case of a return. Please have a look at our cancellation policy. After we have received and verified that everything is undamaged and in unused condition, we will refund the price of the returned item. If any defects are found in the returned products during the checking, we reserve the right to retain the total or a partial amount.

On the other hand, the amount will also be refunded if the arrived goods are broken. Although we always package the products carefully, the way to the buyer sometimes seems to be a bit bumpy. In this case, please send an informative photo of the broken item along with your order number and a short note about the damage to the following email address:

Custom / personalisable products

Will the information about my individual necklace be saved in the wishlist?

Yes, all colours and also the text of your custom necklace will be saved in the wishlist, but not specifically shown there. Same applies to the final price, because in the wishlist only the price is displayed, from which a custom necklace can be ordered, without considering your specifications.

If you press the “Add to cart” button in the wishlist, your specifications will be automatically transferred to the shopping cart. There you can also find the final price of your custom necklace.

You can also share your wishlist including all of your specifications with your friends, so they can order exactly what you have chosen, for example as a gift, instead of asking you again.

How long does it take until my custom jewellery is ready to ship?

Customized jewellery can only be made once a week, but we do not have specific dates for that. Based on the workload your order might already be completed in the first week, but it is also possible that it cannot be completed before the second week, which is why the delivery time is stated with 5 – 10 business days.

If you need an item quickly and want to know when the next production date would be, contact us in advance by email, on Facebook or Instagram. Then we can inform you and, if it is urgently necessary, give your article a higher priority.

Is it possible to have own, unique pendants made by you?

Generally yes, but this has to be checked on a case-to-case basis. Not everything is feasible, but at least a lot. Please note, that we can only realize requests that are made of acrylic, in other words, a hard plastic. Wood would also be possible material. Unfortunately we cannot offer custom metal jewellery.

For a custom request, please send an email to with a short description of your idea. If you have created a (rough) draft for your unique jewellery, please send it to us, so we can easily visualize what you mean.

Legal notice: Even if you probably have nothing commercial in mind, we have to remind you that you must have the permission to use all designs / logos. So if you are not the creator of the design / logo for your jewellery, you should at least get permission in advance from the appropriate authority. Usually companies or artists do not mind if you use one of their designs or logo for a one-time, private purpose.

Is a bulk discount available for custom jewellery?

Theoretically yes, if all items belong to the same product and receive the same text. (The colours may vary.) Since our pricing is quite fair and tightly calculated, only little discounts are possible. But better than nothing.

Is it possible to get a completely unique plush toy?

This is usually not possible. The effort is often quite high, which makes the costs unattractive for most people. For this reason we focus on the range of “Oona Fay” and her Emo-Bunnies and -Kitties. Colour changes or the application of accessories are no problem and can be realized relatively advantageously priced.

For an estimate please send an email to (with a descriptive subject) and describe your requirements.

How much is the realization of individual requests in general?

For jewellery:
This cannot be answered across the board. Some modification requests for the custom necklaces from the standard range are so minimal that no additional costs will be charged. But there are costs for an additional workload, for example, if you want to use a different font or if you want to create your completely own designs.

For plush toys:
This also cannot be answered in general. If you would like to use plush and fabric, which is already used for plush toys from the standard range, usually no additional costs will be added. The price would therefore be identical to the price of the standard range of the plush toys. In case it is necessary to buy extra materials, the additional costs will be based on the price for the new material. These extra costs vary.

However, since the prices in our shop are quite fair, there should be no unpleasant surprise when you get an estimate from us.

This and that

Which payment methods are available at

You can pay via bank transfer (prepayment), via PayPal, via credit card or via SOFORT bank transfer.
For a comfortable processing and to be able to offer the customers a variety of payment methods, we use the online payment service “Stripe”. For all payments made with this service you do not need an account at “Stripe”!

Is the offered jewellery nickel-free?

According to the manufacturers, all products are nickel-free.

What does the waitlist button mean?

The “Waitlist” button only appears for sold out items. By clicking on the button a form opens in which you can enter your email address. As soon as the product is available again, we will inform you by email so that you can order your favourite item straight away. Because we only offer small quantities of each item, it is advantageous to be fast.

We will only use your email address for the purpose of notifying you about the availability of the selected item. After the notification, your email address will automatically be removed from the notification list and will not be misused for any other purpose. No worries: If you have a user account at our shop, the email address will of course still be used for your account management – but it will be removed from the waiting list of the re-arrived item anyway.

When will I receive an invoice?

When we have checked your order, you will receive an invoice by email. We do not send a printed invoice together with your order because we want to keep paper consumption as low as possible – for the sake of the environment.